Words of Power

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For people who love words, use them, feel them in their mouths as flavorful bursts of energy. This is the tribe for fun with words and usage practice. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Are you quixotic?  topic
cacophony  topic
Holistic  topic
When the Cracks Begin to Show...  topic
stare decisis  topic
epitome  topic
sch....  topic
presence  topic
Words most often used by parents?  topic
oxymoron  topic
love, power & purpose  topic
Active Misuse  topic
amsterdam - jacques brel  topic
Become a part of "bAbeL - art project"  topic
Cloaca  topic
Mutatis mutandis  topic
Hiatus  topic
GUILTY  topic
Jejune.  topic
Scurf  topic
a different word for.....  topic
Off the cob  topic
Flappers 2 Rappers  topic
dystopia  topic
stoic  topic

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